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Earth Buildings with Period and Listed Buildings

The information on this page is from the Building History website

Earth building

Mud or turf provided the cheapest kind of walling. Cob - unbaked clay with organic material to bind it - is durable if plastered over and kept from damp at top and bottom. The earliest standing examples in the British Isles date from around 1300, but these are exceptional. Earth houses generally have a life-span of 150-200 years, though this could be prolonged by casing the walls later in brick. Cob was popular in Devon up to the 19th century and also used in Cumbria, the East Midlands, Hampshire and Ireland. The flexibility of the material permitted rounded corners. Another clue to cob construction is the thickness of the walls.

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Books on cob building.

From another page on their site:

Cob reference material.

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