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Traditional External Lime and Cob restoration

Getting the balance right on the outside of your property is critical for it's breathability. According to research by Historic England a porous 'soft/lime putty or hotlime' render or mortar will increase the speed of drying a wet wall out by offering greater capillary activity. As will applying lime wash (with a 50% better capillary pull than without it). There has been a lot of other research carried out yet few people understand what is best.

An NHL based render will only be partially vapour permeable ie moisture can and does slowly escape and with less capillary pull. This limitation means the wall will not be as efficient at pulling moisture out from the inside and so decreases the chances of removing damp issues. During the lime revival NHL mixes were promoted as being better than cement mixes and it was accepted practice to use them widely despite their hardening over time.

Edward rarely uses the more convenient NHL mixes, preferring to use what he believes in and backed up by other professional's research and understanding. He also harls up layers with a render pump to maintain even compaction and thus in turn consistent open pore structure to maintain water transfer outwards. He remains just as passionate about how a product works as much as how it looks when he has finished. His clients learn along the way and this is reflected in their testimonials. Unfortunately many owners get persuaded by cheaper prices and the word Lime in the quote.

Cob work is another specialism that differentiates Edward from a lot of other 'traditional' builders. He mixes his own cob and has learnt how to work green with it's unique properties rather than dried cob blocks that are fine for laying but not so useful in hole repairs and layering as shown below.

Country house in the Chalk Valley

reddish house cob wall renovation   cob renovation
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Collapsing Cob Wall

collapsing cob   eroded cob rebuild
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Farmhouse requiring new flat lime render

wall   cob crack
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House of many materials

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