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Traditional Internal Lime Plastering

This can be executed in a variety of finishes of smooth to slightly textured/rustic to suit different period properties and preferences or even unique relief sprayed to show off the underlying building fabric. It is usually done using finest extra matured lime putty, fibres and graded porous aggregates (not sand) to aid pulling damp out of the room and into the wall to the outside. Research from Historic England has confirmed that the air lime mixes (lime putty or hotlime) have considerably better capillary activity than NHL based lime plaster. Additionallytheir research has shown lime wash has 50% more capillary pull than no finishing layer so more than just being fashionably breathable for vapour transfer it actively pulls moisture out of the wall.

Remodelling and reshaping of the walls prior to plastering is also possible as shown in the various case studies accessed below.

All base layers would normally be done with porous handmade plaster or cob (not readimixed 'lime' plasters or sand/cement as they will not aid the correct regulation of damp to cope with seasonal changes to dry in the summer and then retain moisture in the winter). This attention to detail will ensure the walls suck condensation into the plaster to create a healthy traditional dry atmosphere to live in.

It takes longer to do than modern plasters or premixed 'lime plaster' but it dries much quicker and the results are worth it and quickly noticeable (according to my clients) with clues like no more condensation on windows.

Hand made detailing that stand out

window reveal in lime plaster   Traditional bull nose wooden bead edging with hand formed quirk

Forge Cottage, Chilmark

The architect client brought Edward in because he wanted a particular finish that worked with this listed old cottage.

window reveal in lime plaster   window set in lime putty plaster
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The Cottage, Great Wishford

C16 unlisted timber frame, cob, brick and flint.

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3 Silver Street, Wilton

This mid C19 listed building had stood empty for many years and suffered roof leaks, no heating and diy repairs.

  window reveal in lime plaster
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