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Traditional Lime External repairs, Wiltshire

Before and Afters photos

Below is a small sample of older outside jobs to walls made with cob, brick, flint and chalk in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset.

3 Silver Street, Wilton

Limerestoration had been helping restore the inside and outside of this period house in the heart of Wilton. Sadly the maintenance had not been done as the property was unoccupied for decades and roof leaking caused extensive damage. One of the first jobs was to restore the mock stone facade (faced with hard cement render) that had extensive cracking and loosened render pieces. By careful spraying of new lime render the parapets' details were maintained yet now have a protective skin of porous protection the cracks were sealed and render knitted together as well as brightnening up to road frontage (with a slurry of render then limewash painted on the lower Quoin details).

Whilst the scaffold was up on the side of Silver Street above I carried out some quick stone repairs with the sprayer and hand stone tinting on the top half of the East elevation - new stone faces where they had been badly eroded made with crushed chilmark stone and lime to repair stones in hours not days and in a fraction of the time and cost to replace the stones.

Cabbage Cottage, Netton

This charming cottage had been untouched for decades until recently purchased and extensively remodelled with copper vaulted roof on a new extension. The new owner wanted to retain the bare cob look and so all the old yellow masonary paint was carefully removed, cob holes repaired with new cob applied by hand to match the old walls and layers or new porous lime render sprayed up and lime washed to maintain the old cottage look whilst fully protecting it from the elements.

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Bridge Cottage, Idmiston - this client has kindly provided a Testimonial which can be found in the Consult section

All the old cement based render needed removing from the front elevation of this old thatched cottage lintels repaired before cob repair and then porous render harled and mechanically sprayed on and finished with a semi textured /brushed detail to aid capillary pull of excess damp and then lime washed off white. Spraying the render on enables all the top layers to go on quickly and with consistent even compression even in holes. No sand was used in the renovation.

lime putty render

porous traditional lime render sprayed on

The White House, Stapleford

This house required all the old render to be stripped off the old cob section at the back of the house, cob repaired and relevelled before rerending in lime render

traditional lime rendering

Rest Harrow, Great Wishford

This house required all of the old cement mortar raking out from the front elevation and most of the side before repointing and flint repair was carried out in traditional weather struck lime pointing


Berwick House, Berwick St James


Cob Wall repairs - The Rookery, Orcheston

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Lime pointing at Yew Tree cottage, Hanging Langford

lime pointing example wiltshire
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